"wash" day | 7.29

hello hello, bloglandia!

i'm britt and i own this blog - perhaps you remember me?

between having a couple of incredibly severe allergic reactions, my niece and nephew visiting, and sucking this summer dry (ie. trying to go out pretty much EVERY SINGLE DAY!), i really haven't had the energy to blog. 
so, so sorry :(...

i did, however, need to do my hair yesterday, and i decided to go ahead and share!

i cowashed on monday with tresemme naturals nourishing moisture conditioner and ogx keratin oil conditioner and rocked a product-free wash-n-go (i'm on the road towards embracing my natural, undefined texture). since i didn't use products, i didn't wash before this style.

i wore the wng in a bun before rolling my dry hair on 15 2 1/8" jet set grip curlers and six 1.75" nite curl grip curlers using beautiful textures tangle taming leave-in conditioner. i rolled my hair under.

i know what you're thinking - grip/velcro rollers on TEXTURED hair?!

it actually worked out almost perfectly.
all thanks for my taking the plunge goes to my hair/life/everything guru, carmen.

only a few got stuck in my hair upon removal, and i am almost positive it was because those sections were too large (because i didn't buy enough rollers! who knew 21 would ever not be enough for MY hair?! i thought i would have leftovers! #whomp).

i air dried for about 3.5 hours and unrolled caaaaaarefully to reveal big, soft, and bouncy hair. apparently i'm not completely over texas yet.

i will be working to perfect this technique because i am positive that this will become the basis of my regimen from this point on (more on that later as well!). it only took 25-30 minutes to put in the rollers and about seven to remove them - no heat involved at all! if i can keep this looking decent for the next two weeks, it will be a serious winner! i apologize in advance for the multitude of hair-related posts that are bound to come as i try to figure this out.

The Wash Day Experience

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my 30x30

i am officially 26 and 1/2 years old today, which means only 3.5 years until i'm 30!
i feel ridiculously old...
...and then i feel even more ridiculous because neither 26.5 nor 30 is old.
when they said young people think they're immortal, i chuckled at the idiots who thought they would never age. joke's on me.
anywho, it has been a little over four years since i graduated from college and SO many things have happened. my life is drastically different than i ever would have imagined! and since i know just how much can be accomplished in a year, i am convinced i can cross all of these babies off by january 22, 2018. 
wish me luck!

1. obtain a masters degree in higher education.
2. grow my hair to terminal length. 
3. complete a successful spending freeze.
4. participate in the 3.2 run in remembrance.
5. learn to speak a new language and live in the country of origin for a while.
6. work on an organic farm through wwoof.
*i will most likely complete 6 in accordance with 5*
7. scratch three destinations off of my travel list.
8. attend mardi gras.
9. try something i never thought i would do.
10. plan a major event.
11. go bungee jumping.
12. attend at least five concerts/festivals.
            planned thus far: trillectro DC - aug 2014 | music midtown atlanta - sept 2014
13. rent a houseboat.
14. live within six hours of a vineyard (about how far my car goes on a full tank).
15. perform on stage again.
16. downsize enough to fit all of my belongings in my car.
17. work in a bookstore/library.
18. learn how to cornrow.
19. be completely consumer debt-free.
20. learn how to record and create amazing HD videos for capturing special moments.
21. attend the graduations of all of my former Houstonian students.
22. finish and publish my book.
23. go to a naked spa or a nude beach.
24. learn how to double dutch.
25. master 10 hatha asanas.
26. go scuba diving and/or snorkeling. 
27. become a resident tourist: go on 41 outings in whatever city in which i happen to reside (one per month beginning august 2014)
28. ride in a hot air balloon.
29. completely throw out my scale.
30. get a tattoo/nose piercing.

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fitness friday #20 | confessions of a chronic dieting psycho

fitness friday was born when like-minded bloggers desired a place to discuss hair and health goals and to remain accountable to themselves and each other for reaching those goals. 
tune into this and your hosts' blogs every friday to be inspired and to inspire.

fitness friday has been really great at holding me accountable to health, and keeping me pretty much off of the crazy train of perpetual yo-yo dieting. unfortunately, i'm pretty sure it hasn't made me any saner.

i have been "on a diet" since i was 5 years old. virtually none of them have worked in the past 21 years, but i always have to consciously stop myself from dialing the number in the infomercial.

i don't hate many things more than i hate running, yet i keep signing up for races/runs in the hopes that one day i can become a runner...

...except my legs are braced with laziness. and defeat.

if i wasn't trying to be healthy, i can't say with 100% assurance that i would not consume absolutely every granule of sugar in the world...

... all in one sitting.

please tell me i'm not alone...
any health/fitness confessions?


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guest post | go green even while glamping by sara upton

as a nature-lover, camping is one of my favorite activities! i haven't yet gone glamping, as i'm used to the roughin' it style, but i think it's a pretty cool way to transition from indoors to out a little more comfortably than traditional camping.
i have journalist sara upton on the blog today discussing how to glamp in a responsible and sustainable way. 


Go Green Even While Glamping
by Sara Upton

One of the most rewarding experiences for any outdoor lover is a camping trip. There's nothing like roughing it for a few days to make one realize just how glorious the outdoor life can really be. Whether for exercise purposes or just pure love of the rugged life, taking your vacation to next level is as easy as pitching a tent and living off the land for a few days at your favorite outdoor location.

For most, it's important to keep the camping environment in its original state once you've left and going green (per MNN's list) is the way to describe this thought process. Going green doesn't necessarily mean going without your favorite tech, and that's where the term glamping comes into play.

Today, many people don't simply go camping, they go "glamping." This is a term that's defined as "adding modern amenities to a camping experience or creating a fully equipped, five-star worthy campsite," as noted by Verizon Wireless in this post on the topic. Maybe you've been glamping all along and never knew it!

Among the most efficient ways to keep your tech up and running during an extended outdoor stay is to charge your accessories with solar power, be it a phone or tablet. Solar power's uses go much farther than powering your phone on long trips with no outlets, so much so that major companies (like Apple!) are even researching the topic for future product lines, according to CNET.

Other ways to keep your glamping trip green include staying on the beaten path to keep your impact on the surrounding environment minimal. Picking a spot to pitch your tent and build your fire is equally important, whether you're able to stick to a trail or not. Choosing places that are on gravel or harder surfaces will seriously lessen your impact on the environment and will keep your fire away from small plants and flora that may facilitate widespread growth when left unchecked. Because let's face it: if you're glamping, you're probably not always watching the fire.

Another word on fires: keeping them safe involves more work than you may think. Always be sure that your fire is contained in a fire pit and not surrounded by small plants, especially dead ones in certain seasons. When building it up, be sure not to burn too many materials and do your best to avoid burning hazardous materials that emit harmful chemicals including CFCs. Putting out a fire at least 45 minutes in advance of going to bed or leaving the campsite is the best practice to ensure the fire is actually out and stays out.

You should even consider your cookware as part of your glamping trip. You won't be throwing away your good dishes, so bring along reusable dishes and silverware to ensure that no one acts upon the urge to toss plastic or styrofoam dishes away in the wild. Also, bring along plastic bags to store items that you may dispose of, like plastic food wrappers and, yes, even used toilet paper. The "leave no trace" saying literally includes all of the above!

Even while taking your serious tech out into the wild, you must remember to keep your trip as green as possible to ensure the outdoor enjoyment of everyone around you. Glamping is a fun way to spend your vacation, no matter where you end up. And taking the proper steps to ensure that you glam up your camping trip with top-of-the-line outdoor accommodations safely and in an eco-friendly way will ensure that your trip is as rewarding as it can possibly be. Happy glamping!

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summer lovin' #5 | uncork'd dc

the past few days have been an utter whirlwind of activity from a day spent with my mom to helping my father pick out some new home improvement projects.
so far, this summer has been all about family and friends (or 'framily?'), and i have truly been loving spending time with those i hold near and dear.
last week, three of my friends and i went on a spontaneous trip to uncork'd art in adams morgan in dc, and i discovered that i'm pretty much picasso after two glasses of cab.
not really, but considering how potent the cab was, i'm surprised i was able to sit upright as long as i did on those stools AND without knocking over my easel (#win)! i actually expected my painting to look like pure crap, but i was mildly impressed at being able to recreate the model.
i never realized how therapeutic painting is when you let go of trying to be perfect, and i definitely plan to do it a lot more often. my favorite part of the painting is the tree and bush. luckily for me, there are PLENTY of trees and bushes in blacksburg for inspiration!
how are you loving summer so far?
any newfound talents?
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