tuesday ramblings

i've been gone for a while because of some personal things i've had to work out. suffice it to say, there will be A LOT of changes occurring over the next few months, and i will be sharing them with you along the way :)
since i've got absolutely no content (ie. a crap ton to say and not enough space in one post to say it all!), i'll just catch you up on what's going on this lovely tuesday morning!

hot yoga is literally one of the best things ever created ever. i have been going 2-3 times per week and not only am i becoming more and more flexible, i am happier and happier everyday. it is so weird! a couple of times, i've even felt euphoric the next day. i've started my mornings wanting to sing and dance like the freaking WB frog. i wish i had the time and money to go everyday.

i just finished reading "our town" and am now into the brief wondrous life of oscar wao. i have to say that both of these choices were FANTASTIC. 

i am currently obsessed with ANYTHING by sleeper agent, cage the elephant, manchester orchestra, and panama. when i say anything, i mean ANYTHING. they can do no wrong in my eyes.

today is a testing day, and it came at the perfect time, because i have been feeling so behind in all things bloggy. i have over 500 posts to read on bloglovin'. i may cheat and "mark all as read," but then there will always be the what if... 

i received a nice shipment of clothing for my upcoming cruise, and naturally, i stumbled upon threadsence and gypsan AFTER dishing out the money i could've spent there. so very sad. i need everything ever made from both of those sites.

happy tuesday!

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fitness friday #9: motivational milestone markers for your fitness journey

fitness friday was born when like-minded bloggers desired a place to discuss hair and health goals and to remain accountable to themselves and each other for reaching those goals. 
tune into this and your hosts' blogs every friday to be inspired and to inspire.

while i'm carting around a bunch of ninth grade students on college trips, adam & eve was generous enough to submit an awesome guest post for today!

There's no greater feeling than achieving a goal, especially when it comes to health and fitness. Once you begin the fitness journey, your entire mind set changes. You start to feel more positive about life overall and, most importantly, about yourself. And you develop a sense of pride and self satisfaction as you reach your goals. These good feelings are what keeps us motivated and makes us strive to continue on the path of success.

As you attain each of your fitness objectives, you should be building momentum to help you achieve the next. However, this is often easier said than done as you reach that plateau where your progress comes to a standstill. In order to get out of this fitness rut, you should reward yourself for your progress. "To reward yourself as you move towards your goal is a classic and powerful method to be successful," claims Early-Riser. By connecting progress to happiness, you build motivation and gain momentum.

So what are some ways you can give yourself a much-needed pat on the back for obtaining your fitness goals? Here are a few ideas for rewarding yourself for your fitness milestones.

Reminder Rewards

The best way to reward yourself is by giving yourself a token that marks the occasion. Perhaps you finished your first half marathon or learned to play a new sport—celebrate this experience with a piece of jewelry bearing a momento of the landmark event. If you want something more fitness related, try a sporty reward like lessons to help you master that new sport or a sleek, new fitness-tracking wristband. According to FITDAY, these rewards make the road to fitness more fun and will give you greater pleasure than your former unhealthy vices.

Personal Rewards

Naturally, you're going to want to purchase some new attire during your journey, and there's no better reward than a few new garments in a smaller size. While you may consider new workout gear your reward, try to get something fun and exciting that reminds you of what you've done. A dress that shows off the new you or a pair of flattering jeans are ideal for putting the fruits of your labor on display. Even intimate items like new undergarments or lingerie in styles you typically wouldn't wear can help you feel better and boost your self-esteem. For example, a new piece of lingerie can make you feel sexy and desirable. Also, as Adam & Eve notes, it can lead to enhancing your self-confidence. In addition, by physically seeing the results, you are more inclined to stay on track and move on to completing your next fitness objective.

Thrilling Rewards

What better way to mark your milestone than by doing something adventurous or spontaneous? Treating yourself to a unique reward such as a skydiving session or a flying lesson can push you to further your fitness achievements. By rewarding yourself with a non-food treat, you keep exercise in a positive perspective, claims CNCA Health. You also expose yourself to something new, which is an important component to attaining fitness milestones as you may often be challenged by different methods of exercise or have gone through significant fitness hurdles. No matter the activity, an uncommon and thrilling reward can be a great motivator and help you develop a new hobby.

Whether you reward yourself with a new outfit or a weekend getaway, marking your progress is an important way to note what you've achieved and remind you to stay on target.


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treat yo' self to a lovely scalp - pt 1 {luxe therapy scalp soother review}

i first saw this crazy looking thing on ebony's blog, but i knew immediately that i needed it after reading her review. in fact, it was checked out of my amazon cart in a record four minutes afterwards.

i will admit that i am a recovering impulse buyer, but this is one of the purchases that was worth absolutely every.single.penny.
it's marketed to women who wear weaves as a tool to get to the scalp under the braids of a sew-in, which fits perfectly with my current style: mini twists.
i have another massager brush from babyliss pro that has short rubber teeth that i use when washing my loose hair. i was using that at first, but i discovered that those teeth were definitely not conducive to getting through my twisted hair to my scalp, and it left me with frizz. no bueno.

what i love about it:
it's got long, flexible teeth that go through my twists instead of on top of them to get to my scalp for frizz-free massages
the shape comfortably curves with the shape of my skull brain head
it's gentle

grab one and treat yo' self!

Treasure Tromp
also linking up with rekita

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regimen update - haircare for the lazy natural

i posted a couple of weeks ago about how i am maintaining my hair in my mini twists and hallelujah, i have found some ways to be even lazier!
even despite my self-diagnosed lazy syndrome, cutting a few steps out has actually benefited my hair, which likes to be manipulated as little as possible.
update 1: i am cutting out post-workout washing. i have been using scalp renew to clean my scalp and have been replenishing moisture lost during my workouts with my donna marie moisture mist.
benefit: i drastically reduce my susceptibility to hydral fatigue, i save some time and some water, and i get to avoid the frizzies yet another day.

update 2: i definitely do not use the loc method on my twists anymore. i really don't know why (maybe it's because my twists are all lovin' up on each other and being a tight-knit moisture-retaining family), but my hair just doesn't need all that in twists. instead, i just spray all over with filtered water. i then spray just the ends with the moisture mist, and wrap these babies up for bed. i only seal when i really need to (pretty much never), or when i feel guilty for breaking the natural girls' rule book (also, pretty much never). i do use the super buttercreme on my nape just to baby it every now and then but other than that, it's all good.
and i can now say with the utmost confidence that i spent more time looking for gifs for this post than i do on my hair on a weekly basis.

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life lately & weekly wishes | 4.7

c/o jennifer salter

loving | this festival fashion, rachel's heartfelt post on giving things away, and esther's post on these amazingly lovely japanese cherry blossoms.
listening to | unkinder (a tougher love) x thumpers, waves x sleeper agent, and giants x bear hands.
reading | tender is the night by fitzgerald and "our town" by wilder.
thinking about | making a deeper connection with nature. warm weather always further ignites my desire to just be outside , and i want to tap into that passion to discover the links that exist between my mind, body, soul, and the world around me. 
thankful for | the innumerable blessings i received last week. my heart is so full with gratitude and my mind feels like absolutely anything is possible.

The Nectar Collective
last week's progress: 
create a destination postcard for "where [i'm] going and why it's worth it" (switch, p. 259).
my ultimate destination once i have broken the cycle of helplessness:
i am at peace with the path that has been laid in front of me.
i am blessed with the wisdom and discernment to make the best choices for my personal fulfillment.
i do not over-analyze those choices, and i harbor no regrets for decisions i've made.
i have overcome my fear of failure in revealing the treasure within me: my passion.
speak to God everyday
i couldn't have chosen to do a better thing for myself on a daily basis. this substantially changed my week, and i will continue to do so.
this week's wishes:
record everything i hear from God during my silent reflective time in my new journal.

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