life lately & weekly wishes | 5.26

some pictures from prom - my last run as a chaperone *tear*

loving | that i am doing absolutely nothing today besides cleaning up some and laying by the pool while trying to teach myself to become a proficient spanish speaker via duolingo.

listening to | habits x tove lo. the song is completely hilarious and utterly pathetic all at the same time.  i like complex things.

missing | being a student, and i honestly cannot express how thoroughly excited i am to be enrolling in grad school once again this fall to pursue my masters in higher education!

reading | love and longing in bombay by vikram chandra.

thankful for | receiving a paycheck until august 15! i thought my last check would be july 15, but i was told by HR that that is not the case. so getting a whole month's pay more than i thought just completely revolutionized my summer/fall plans!

The Nectar Collective

last week's progress: 
write seven thank you notes to students or staff members and make up for the two i didn't write this weekend.
complete the first phase of my green smoothie detox to prep for the cruise. i have been struggling with the detox - i think i might be throwing in the towel soon :(
complete the 30-day beach challenge workouts and go to yoga once i have finished the crappy phase of the detox. 
clean my apartment this weekend! now that i don't work on the weekends anymore since the school year is coming to a close, i have gotten SO lazy on the weekends!!! i cleaned up a bit but definitely not the whole thing!


this week's wishes (this will be a packed one!):
go to yoga at least 3 times and complete the daily beach body challenge workout.
spend 30 minutes everyday this week to finish cleaning the apartment.
read the cruise documents, and complete online check-in!
pack for the cruise!
finish all of my thank you notes.
finalize goals for the summer (this is pure insanity - i feel like i JUST made may goals!).

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