fitness friday #20 | confessions of a chronic dieting psycho

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fitness friday has been really great at holding me accountable to health, and keeping me pretty much off of the crazy train of perpetual yo-yo dieting. unfortunately, i'm pretty sure it hasn't made me any saner.

i have been "on a diet" since i was 5 years old. virtually none of them have worked in the past 21 years, but i always have to consciously stop myself from dialing the number in the infomercial.

i don't hate many things more than i hate running, yet i keep signing up for races/runs in the hopes that one day i can become a runner...

...except my legs are braced with laziness. and defeat.

if i wasn't trying to be healthy, i can't say with 100% assurance that i would not consume absolutely every granule of sugar in the world...

... all in one sitting.

please tell me i'm not alone...
any health/fitness confessions?


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