Creative Party Decoration Ideas for Every Occasion

When it comes to hosting a memorable party, the decorating scheme plays a crucial role in creating the mood and conveying the essence of the celebration. For example, the bright colorful balloons that are available on various websites https://balloons.online/know-how/. They are undoubtedly a classic and versatile option for decorating any event, but there are many other innovative ways to enhance the atmosphere and create an exciting experience. Let's explore a variety of party decorating ideas that go beyond the traditional and ensure that your celebration is simply spectacular.


Discover the Versatility of Spy Apps: 20 Ways to Use Them

Spy apps have been gaining popularity over the years, and while some may perceive them as intrusive, they offer a wide range of benefits. Spy apps provide users with the ability to monitor and track activity, which can be used for a variety of purposes. 

It is possible to find both paid and free spying apps for android in the market.


How to Show Love to a Girlfriend

Love means a lot to girls. Of course, every girl expects romantic actions from a guy. Some girls themselves are not averse to organizing a romantic date for their boyfriends, but this doesn’t mean at all that they don’t expect the same in return. Therefore, if you want to prove to your loved one that you love her, be ready to become a romantic.

1. Find out her language of love

Everyone has their language of love, the channel through which they best receive signs of attention, interprets them as manifestations of unequivocal love for themselves. Identify your girlfriend’s love language and act in that direction. There can be several such channels, usually, from one to three. Consider the most common love languages, including words, help, time, touch, and gifts.

2. Be honest

When dealing with a girl, be always honest, don’t deceive her. Many women can easily check you out. And even if she doesn’t see through you, the lie will come out sooner or later. In order not to be afraid of this, just don’t do bad things.

3. Attention and care

Women are pleased when men take care of them. So, questions about how things are, whether she is dressed warmly, and so on will be a sign for your woman that you love her.

4. Communicate more often

It is difficult to imagine a relationship that develops harmoniously without regular communication. When men meet girls on https://bebemur.com/, most of them willingly chat with girls only at the beginning of a relationship, but they stop doing this as soon as they understand that the “goal has been achieved”. But for the overwhelming number of girls, talking is a real pleasure.

5. Listen to her

When your woman speaks, don’t interrupt her, learn to listen, not just silently, but showing that you are really interested. To do this, you can ask questions, clarify, nod, and say “Seriously?”, “Got it,” “Continue, I’m listening,” and so on. If you become a good listener, you will certainly win the girl’s heart.

6. Give flowers

Give flowers to make the girl feel that your intentions about her are really serious. And for this, you don’t need a reason, do it unexpectedly, but with all your heart. She will surely appreciate it. Any woman will be delighted with such a sign of attention.

7. Be careful when quarreling

The main rule in any quarrel is to try not to hurt the feelings of the other person. Unsolicited advice, careless phrases, and remarks spoken in the heat can greatly offend and irrevocably ruin a relationship. You can conflict without resorting to insults and humiliation.

8. Try to work on yourself

If the girl doesn’t like your behavior, clothes, lifestyle, and she repeatedly talks about it, try to fix it. For example, if she complains that you spend a lot of time playing computer games, try to diversify your leisure time. Attempts to change yourself for her sake will not go unappreciated.

9. Plan a joint future

It can be anything: plans to spend a weekend together, vacation, or plans to have three children and live on the lakeside in old age.

10. Show her what you can do

There is a stereotype that girls love with their ears, but in reality, actions are more valuable for them than words. Therefore, it is so important that a guy shows feelings and participates in her life. Girls want to feel confident that their men are ready for absolutely anything for them and their relationships.

11. Arrange romantic dates

Keeping interest, passion, and love in a relationship is not easy. It is important to fill your life together with pleasant dates. For example, you can watch the sunset together, drive her home, give a goodbye kiss, and tell her that you had a great time.


Best Hotels in Mallorca

Mallorca is the main island of the Balearic archipelago of Spain. The capital of the island and the whole archipelago is the city of Palma de Mallorca. Hotels in Mallorca are mainly concentrated along the coast, which is famous for its wonderful sandy beaches and crystal clear transparent sea of a mesmerizingly blue color. The coastline is characterized by a beautiful combination of vast beaches stretching for many miles and majestic sea rocky cliffs covered with pine trees and picturesque bays. The local cuisine, which is based on fresh seafood and vegetables grown on the local plantations, is striking in its diversity and refinement. Mallorca is also famous for its rich folklore and traditional crafts, including wood carving, pottery, ceramics, pearl processing, national embroidery, and much more.


One of the best hotels in its category in Magalluf. Located on top of a hill with a magnificent view of the sea. It has good service, it’s a quiet place in a convenient location, it has very easy access to nearby beaches. The hotel is very close to the bars, restaurants, and nightlife of Magalluf.


The hotel is located on the magnificent east coast of Mallorca island, between the white beaches of Cala Mandía and Cala Estany. Its lawns occupy more than 40 thousand square meters of land. Blau Punta Reina is a great place for a family and active recreation.


One of the best hotels in its category in Magalluf. It was fully updated in 2015/16. It has stylish common areas and functional, comfortable rooms. The hotel is located in a quiet, elevated position, with direct access to the beach. It has excellent service, excellent food, and well-developed infrastructure, especially children’s recreation areas. The center of the night and entertainment life of the resort is within a walking distance from the hotel itself. It is recommended for all categories of tourists, especially for families with children, as well as for romantic couples.


The hotel is focused on family holidays, including those with children. In just a mile from the hotel, there is a water park. There are lots of things to do throughout the day, it has comfortable rooms, varied food, and attentive staff. It is a very popular hotel in its category, which was recently renovated. In the low season, we also recommend visiting the golf parks that are near the hotel. It is very easy to get to the hotel from the Palma de Mallorca.


The hotel is located near the beach and is close to the center of the resort called Arenal, in an area where there are many shops and entertainment venues. This is a very good option for budget youth recreation.


The hotel is located in the popular resort area called Arenal, where there is a lot of entertainment for adults and children: a long sandy beach, night clubs, water parks, restaurants, and souvenir shops.


The hotel is located near the center of Palma Nova, it is within walking distance of shops, restaurants and various establishments for the whole family. The rooms of this hotel are quite simple, yet comfortable.


The hotel is located near the Arenal and Playa de Palma resort areas, but at the same time, it is quite removed from the noise of the city. Next to the hotel is the Maioris golf course, the entire area is surrounded by gardens. We recommend this hotel to families, including those that have children.


Best 5 Star Hotels in Turkey

Rixos Sungate Hotel

The territory of this tourist giant is huge, the guests can travel around its territory on electric vehicles. The hotel has more than a thousand rooms, 31 places where you can eat (restaurants and bars), 18 swimming pools and several mini clubs. Those who want some active recreation will love the water park, various sports facilities and gyms, a zoo, and etc. Those who prefer relaxation will appreciate the local spa complex, the chimney room for a peaceful holiday and the beautiful beach, which stretches for almost a kilometer across.

Gural Premier Tekirova

On the territory of two hundred thousand square meters, there is everything you need for a perfect holiday, including restaurants for every taste and preference. Thanks to the all-inclusive system, tourists can use their services for free. The SPA salon is also very popular here, besides other classic services, 17 types of massage are offered here. But the aqua park with 26 slides is considered to be the main selling point of the hotel - there are suitable attractions for both adults and kids.

Kempinski Hotel the Dome

The hotel is located near Belek and it offers its guests not only access to the gorgeous sea but also the pine forest with their unique aroma. Kempinski is an “ultra all inclusive” hotel however not all the services are included in this package.

Crystal Tat Beach Golf Resort & Spa

It has an excellent beach, excellent cuisine, plenty of entertainment, and the all-inclusive system - what else is needed for a good holiday? On an area of 100 thousand square meters, there are various sports facilities, a water park, and its own cinema. And less than a kilometer away from the hotel there is a popular golf club with almost 30 holes, you can travel there for free.

Starlight Resort Hotel

This is one of the most interesting hotels in Turkey. Guests can make free use of the infrastructure of the neighboring hotel, with which Starlight forms the World of Sunrise complex, which is 310 square meters of entertainment. It has everything - bars, restaurants, water park, entertainment, and sports facilities, a magnificent botanical garden. And also - an open-air museum, where samples of Turkish architecture from antiquity to modernity are presented, so guests can arrange one of the most interesting excursions in Turkey, without leaving the hotel. The food is excellent and the “all inclusive” service allows you to enjoy the local cuisine as much as you like.

Royal Adam & Eve

This is an extremely fashionable hotel with expensive interiors and excellent services, it is decorated with almost 5 million mirrors! However, tourists do not have time to enjoy this luxury, there is an excellent SPA complex, a huge variety of swimming pools, many bars and restaurants, among which stands out a unique one hundred meters long bar. For lovers of nature – there are gorgeous pines and a beautiful sandy beach. The hotel is amazing, there is simply no other place like it in the world.

Alva Donna Exclusive Hotel & Spa

It is a magnificent place with palm trees, flowers, gazebos, multi-format swimming pools, and personal private beaches. It is convenient primarily because it is nominally divided into two parts: lovers of pebbles are placed on one half of it, and those who prefer sand, on the other. The local restaurant is also quite stunning, you can enjoy all sorts of cuisines from all around the world.


rebrand complete!: the pinnacle project

hi, lovelies!
i am super excited to announce the launch of my new blog, the pinnacle project!
i'm really happy with what i've been planning, meditating, and praying about, and i can't wait to share it with you.
for those of you who have found one&20 helpful, feel free to keep coming by - this site will be open until 2016. should you need to contact me for any reason at all, my new address is [email protected].
for those of you up for a new adventure, i hope you will join me at my new spot!

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change is in the air [aka "why i'm rebranding"]

in my absence i discovered a few things: 1) that i should never, ever, ever consume dairy again; and 2) that as much as i love blogging, i no longer love my blog.

one&20 started a very long time ago as a hair blog to document my and my best friend's journeys to healthier hair, but it wasn't until the past year that i learned that everything else i blogged about was what really mattered to me. and for the past year, i have been fighting to try to make that fit into what one&20 was supposed to be - a written addendum to my youtube channel on transitioning and natural hair. i'm tired of fighting.

i have learned so, so much from being a part of the blogging community, and i cannot imagine no longer being a member. but my blog, while well-loved and well-intentioned, is more of an inhibition of my expression than i ever thought. 

and so, though i know most of my original followers joined on to follow along on my hair journey, i have to say that although i am continuing that journey, i cannot continue to let it dictate what i write as well as the traffic i receive. overall, i am not nearly as obsessed as i was with my hair now, and in an effort to be fair to my original readers who haven't seen many new hair posts, i will no longer continue to blog at one&20.

i am currently in the process of crafting what it is that i do want, and i will be set to launch my new blog early next week. i hope to see you all there when the time comes, and if that is not the case, i thank each and every one of you for reading and making this small space one of love, growth, and community.
with all my love,

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"wash" day | 7.29

hello hello, bloglandia!

i'm britt and i own this blog - perhaps you remember me?

between having a couple of incredibly severe allergic reactions, my niece and nephew visiting, and sucking this summer dry (ie. trying to go out pretty much EVERY SINGLE DAY!), i really haven't had the energy to blog. 
so, so sorry :(...

i did, however, need to do my hair yesterday, and i decided to go ahead and share!

i cowashed on monday with tresemme naturals nourishing moisture conditioner and ogx keratin oil conditioner and rocked a product-free wash-n-go (i'm on the road towards embracing my natural, undefined texture). since i didn't use products, i didn't wash before this style.

i wore the wng in a bun before rolling my dry hair on 15 2 1/8" jet set grip curlers and six 1.75" nite curl grip curlers using beautiful textures tangle taming leave-in conditioner. i rolled my hair under.

i know what you're thinking - grip/velcro rollers on TEXTURED hair?!

it actually worked out almost perfectly.
all thanks for my taking the plunge goes to my hair/life/everything guru, carmen.

only a few got stuck in my hair upon removal, and i am almost positive it was because those sections were too large (because i didn't buy enough rollers! who knew 21 would ever not be enough for MY hair?! i thought i would have leftovers! #whomp).

i air dried for about 3.5 hours and unrolled caaaaaarefully to reveal big, soft, and bouncy hair. apparently i'm not completely over texas yet.

i will be working to perfect this technique because i am positive that this will become the basis of my regimen from this point on (more on that later as well!). it only took 25-30 minutes to put in the rollers and about seven to remove them - no heat involved at all! if i can keep this looking decent for the next two weeks, it will be a serious winner! i apologize in advance for the multitude of hair-related posts that are bound to come as i try to figure this out.

The Wash Day Experience

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my 30x30

i am officially 26 and 1/2 years old today, which means only 3.5 years until i'm 30!
i feel ridiculously old...
...and then i feel even more ridiculous because neither 26.5 nor 30 is old.
when they said young people think they're immortal, i chuckled at the idiots who thought they would never age. joke's on me.
anywho, it has been a little over four years since i graduated from college and SO many things have happened. my life is drastically different than i ever would have imagined! and since i know just how much can be accomplished in a year, i am convinced i can cross all of these babies off by january 22, 2018. 
wish me luck!

1. obtain a masters degree in higher education.
2. grow my hair to terminal length. 
3. complete a successful spending freeze.
4. participate in the 3.2 run in remembrance.
5. learn to speak a new language and live in the country of origin for a while.
6. work on an organic farm through wwoof.
*i will most likely complete 6 in accordance with 5*
7. scratch three destinations off of my travel list.
8. attend mardi gras.
9. try something i never thought i would do.
10. plan a major event.
11. go bungee jumping.
12. attend at least five concerts/festivals.
            planned thus far: trillectro DC - aug 2014 | music midtown atlanta - sept 2014
13. rent a houseboat.
14. live within six hours of a vineyard (about how far my car goes on a full tank).
15. perform on stage again.
16. downsize enough to fit all of my belongings in my car.
17. work in a bookstore/library.
18. learn how to cornrow.
19. be completely consumer debt-free.
20. learn how to record and create amazing HD videos for capturing special moments.
21. attend the graduations of all of my former Houstonian students.
22. finish and publish my book.
23. go to a naked spa or a nude beach.
24. learn how to double dutch.
25. master 10 hatha asanas.
26. go scuba diving and/or snorkeling. 
27. become a resident tourist: go on 41 outings in whatever city in which i happen to reside (one per month beginning august 2014)
28. ride in a hot air balloon.
29. completely throw out my scale.
30. get a tattoo/nose piercing.

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fitness friday #20 | confessions of a chronic dieting psycho

fitness friday was born when like-minded bloggers desired a place to discuss hair and health goals and to remain accountable to themselves and each other for reaching those goals. 
tune into this and your hosts' blogs every friday to be inspired and to inspire.

fitness friday has been really great at holding me accountable to health, and keeping me pretty much off of the crazy train of perpetual yo-yo dieting. unfortunately, i'm pretty sure it hasn't made me any saner.

i have been "on a diet" since i was 5 years old. virtually none of them have worked in the past 21 years, but i always have to consciously stop myself from dialing the number in the infomercial.

i don't hate many things more than i hate running, yet i keep signing up for races/runs in the hopes that one day i can become a runner...

...except my legs are braced with laziness. and defeat.

if i wasn't trying to be healthy, i can't say with 100% assurance that i would not consume absolutely every granule of sugar in the world...

... all in one sitting.

please tell me i'm not alone...
any health/fitness confessions?


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