"wash" day | 7.29

hello hello, bloglandia!

i'm britt and i own this blog - perhaps you remember me?

between having a couple of incredibly severe allergic reactions, my niece and nephew visiting, and sucking this summer dry (ie. trying to go out pretty much EVERY SINGLE DAY!), i really haven't had the energy to blog. 
so, so sorry :(...

i did, however, need to do my hair yesterday, and i decided to go ahead and share!

i cowashed on monday with tresemme naturals nourishing moisture conditioner and ogx keratin oil conditioner and rocked a product-free wash-n-go (i'm on the road towards embracing my natural, undefined texture). since i didn't use products, i didn't wash before this style.

i wore the wng in a bun before rolling my dry hair on 15 2 1/8" jet set grip curlers and six 1.75" nite curl grip curlers using beautiful textures tangle taming leave-in conditioner. i rolled my hair under.

i know what you're thinking - grip/velcro rollers on TEXTURED hair?!

it actually worked out almost perfectly.
all thanks for my taking the plunge goes to my hair/life/everything guru, carmen.

only a few got stuck in my hair upon removal, and i am almost positive it was because those sections were too large (because i didn't buy enough rollers! who knew 21 would ever not be enough for MY hair?! i thought i would have leftovers! #whomp).

i air dried for about 3.5 hours and unrolled caaaaaarefully to reveal big, soft, and bouncy hair. apparently i'm not completely over texas yet.

i will be working to perfect this technique because i am positive that this will become the basis of my regimen from this point on (more on that later as well!). it only took 25-30 minutes to put in the rollers and about seven to remove them - no heat involved at all! if i can keep this looking decent for the next two weeks, it will be a serious winner! i apologize in advance for the multitude of hair-related posts that are bound to come as i try to figure this out.

The Wash Day Experience

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