change is in the air [aka "why i'm rebranding"]

in my absence i discovered a few things: 1) that i should never, ever, ever consume dairy again; and 2) that as much as i love blogging, i no longer love my blog.

one&20 started a very long time ago as a hair blog to document my and my best friend's journeys to healthier hair, but it wasn't until the past year that i learned that everything else i blogged about was what really mattered to me. and for the past year, i have been fighting to try to make that fit into what one&20 was supposed to be - a written addendum to my youtube channel on transitioning and natural hair. i'm tired of fighting.

i have learned so, so much from being a part of the blogging community, and i cannot imagine no longer being a member. but my blog, while well-loved and well-intentioned, is more of an inhibition of my expression than i ever thought. 

and so, though i know most of my original followers joined on to follow along on my hair journey, i have to say that although i am continuing that journey, i cannot continue to let it dictate what i write as well as the traffic i receive. overall, i am not nearly as obsessed as i was with my hair now, and in an effort to be fair to my original readers who haven't seen many new hair posts, i will no longer continue to blog at one&20.

i am currently in the process of crafting what it is that i do want, and i will be set to launch my new blog early next week. i hope to see you all there when the time comes, and if that is not the case, i thank each and every one of you for reading and making this small space one of love, growth, and community.
with all my love,

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