today's instant happy

i don't know who or what caused this, but sometime in the middle of teaching vocabulary today, i realized that i am actually at peace with my life.



and despite the horrendous year i had last year, and the struggles i cried about to my family (mainly my mother) and friends, and despite all of the breakdowns and the perpetual desire to give up everything, i'm finally at a place where i really, really like my job. maybe even love it.

and that feeling of calm and contentment that passed over me today was so unexpected yet immensely empowering and freeing.

i've always loved my kids, but the stress and the over, over, overtime (because one "over" could not nearly account for those uber-long days) just made it all seem like it wasn't worth it.
today, i smiled and laughed with my new babies, and i realized it was worth it.


this came on in the car while i sat in the traffic that used to ruin my morning and evening temperament, and i just had to smile. it was like a perfect anthem.

and on a wednesday, no less!

if this is merely a dream, i hope i never wake.

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  1. Your happiness and smile is contagious! PLUSSS I thought that I was the only brown girl with Staind on her playlist!


  2. OMG. I really want that when i get older. A sense of peace with my life. Im happy you've found that.

  3. Happy for you, Britt! This made me smile :)

    xx Del

  4. It takes time to be a peace with your life. Your struggles led you to where you are today. Congrats :)


  5. Thanks so much, ladies!
    I know that I still have so many things to accomplish and things that I really want in life, but for the first time, I don't feel like the world is moving on without me. I feel like I've finally accepted that it's okay that my life isn't going exactly as planned, and that I should really enjoy this season. 2013 has been a life-changing year.

  6. Erika from ChimerikalAugust 29, 2013 at 4:41 PM

    What a beautifully happy post! I can feel it radiating out of you -- a sense of peace!! I'm so glad that you have found acceptance and even joy where you're at! How beautiful!

    Thank you so much for participating in GRAD-ITUDE 101! And for contributing your positivity to this! :) I'm thankful for you! :)))



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