putting a little more green in my hygiene

it's been a little quiet around these parts because i am, once again, SICK! darn you, houston, and your ridiculous weather changes!!!
thank goodness for treat yo' self thursday so i can focus on something that makes  me happy instead of my lack of a voice, popped ears, and congested nose and chest.
Treasure Tromp
so if you follow along, you know that i talked a while ago about trying to break away from my plain jane look and went on a hunt (ie. etsy search) for natural makeup that i could wear on a daily basis that would be kind to my sensitive skin and the environment.
as of today, i'm still plain janing it for the most part, BUT i am proud to say that i have adopted a pretty green hygiene routine otherwise!

my daily facial cleanser: raw honey
i use raw honey to clean my face in the shower everyday. the benefits of honey are extremely vast in general, but i use it mostly due to its antimicrobial and moisturizing properties. it works amazingly well for my sensitive, combination skin.

my as-needed exfoliating scrub: raw honey + coconut oil + epsom salt
since my dry skin is verrrry dry, dead skin collects pretty often on my face. so i simply mix together a tablespoon of epsom salt, a tablespoon of coconut oil, and a tablespoon or two of raw honey to exfoliate after cleansing. i tend to do so once or twice a week.

my weekly mask: boots botanics conditioning clay mask
i got this mask in my j'adore voxbox and i am straight up addicted. it is AMAZING. and even though i got this for free, i will definitely be repurchasing often. it removes the excess oil from my skin, exfoliates, and diminishes any blemishes pretty much immediately. 

my daily toothpaste: oraMD
i was sent oraMD to review a while ago and have been using it everyday. i love it! it's basically just a mix of essential oils, which i was pretty skeptical about trying. it actually does a phenomenal job of both cleaning my teeth and keeping my breath fresh. if you're a very-low-carber like me and haven't found anything to combat the ketosis breath, i highly recommend this - it's the only thing that has worked for me.

my daily face and body moisturizer: coconut oil
i don't know why, but my hair HATES coconut oil with a passion. my skin, on the other hand, LOVES it. it does an amazing job of keeping my skin soft and supple without leaving behind a greasy feel or excess shininess. plus, a little goes a long way, so it's pretty cheap, too.

my as-needed body scrub: sugar + sea salt + coconut oil
my skin is pretty dry all over and isn't prone to dead skin build-up as frequently as my face. however, while it doesn't happen often, when the dead skin comes creeping around, it's a little harder to remove. so i use two exfoliants - both sugar AND salt - when making my body scrub. i really don't measure since the skin on my body isn't really sensitive at all. i mix the sugar and salt and just add coconut oil until it's the right consistency.

i am on the hunt for a really good body wash that deeply cleanses that i can either make myself or buy pretty cheaply. castile soap is not an option, as i find it too drying. 
i also want to find a go-to spf recipe and a more natural deodorant that is actually effective  because i'm a sweaty, sweaty girl.

which green products are your go-tos?

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