fitness friday #5: lent - 40 days of faith & fitness

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i am not typically a bandwagon jumper, but i have to admit that i jump on lent season (when i remember to) like it's the best thing ever.
i'm not catholic, but i've always admired my friends who would trade in social media for prayer and Bible reading.
with no disrespect intended as a non-catholic, i think a season dedicated to penitence and atonement is a perfect way for me to recommit to being a better person, both spiritually and physically. and making change is always nicer when there are other like-minded people doing the same thing.

for lent this year, i am trading in my scale for prayer. 
i'm not going to lie - i am terrified of not knowing exactly how everything i eat affects my weight loss. and i am even more terrified of possibly gaining weight at the end of this 40 days.
but i've noticed that there are very few things that i do on a consistently daily basis - obsessing over the number on the scale twice a day has definitely been a constant ever since i began this lifestyle change in october.
of all the times that i've tried and failed to institute a daily habit, i unconsciously picked this one up, and it's pretty sad worrying over every ounce.

how much better of a spiritual relationship would i have if i replaced that ritual with extra time in meditation or in conversation with God? how much better of a relationship would i have with the way i view success and my body if i ditched it? the latter is something that i've never been intentional about, but is absolutely essential in my view of fitness.

so, don't expect a weight loss update before a grand reveal on Easter Sunday.
do expect the celebration of progress i've made in creating healthy spiritual and physical habits.

how are you observing lent?


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