a-z of brd

i'm on my way back home for a family reunion and had this in my drafts, so i figured why not?
hope you enjoy!

a: attached or single? single!
b: best friend? arlane and cef. they're the greatest besties in the world. seriously.

c: cake or pie? i'm not sure which is best gluten-free, but when i ate those amazing gluten-y yummies, pie definitely won out. i LOVE strawberry rhubarb and caramel apple pie!
d: day of choice? Sunday. it's the only day during the week on which i try not to work during the school year, and i get to spend my time with these lovely people.

e: essential item? bobby pins! i'd like to think that this is every curly girl's essential item. gets too hot? pin it up. random curls look wonky? pin it down. bangs shrink up in humidity? pin em back.
f: favorite color? yellow (like the sun)!
g: gummy bears or worms? neither. sour patch kids are boss.
h: hometown? mitchellville, md - a small suburb of washington, dc.
i: favorite indulgence? when i wasn't gluten-free, red velvet cheesecake!

now it's wine, and i "indulge" in that daily so i guess that's less of an indulgence and more of a way of life...

j: january or july? january (my birthday month!) as long as it's somewhere warm, like miami. with drinks.

k: kids? none yet!
l: life isn’t complete without? cheese.
m: marriage date? june 13, 2015. when i wanted to be a wedding planner, i planned my entire wedding down to the symbolic date. now i just need the guy.... yeah....
n: number of brothers/sisters? one, and he's awesome. and he's married to my equally awesome sister-in-law.
o: oranges or apples? i used to eat apples like i was some sort of gluttonous horse when i was younger, but now i hate them! i'm all for oranges, ESPECIALLY when they're used to make simply orange with mango. that stuff is my jam.
p: phobias/fears? the biggest fear i have is never becoming the person i want to be. oh, and spiders creep me the hell out. and also animals that can live on land and in water. i'm positive they will take over the world due to our human inadequacies.
q: quotes? "love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. without them humanity cannot survive." - dalai lama
r: reasons to smile? 

s: season of choice? this one is tricky because i LOVE the way winter looks the most, but i hate the way it feels. spring is my favorite (when it's not raining) because i love the way the world comes alive.
t: tag 5 people. cef, moe, kahleel, ebony, and tiffany
u: unknown fact about me? wouldn't answering this make it known? *a mysterious shroud engulfs me*
v: vegetable? BROCCOLI!!!!! i love broccoli. i'm like the only person in the world that loved it as a kid, and i still love it to this day! i used to order chicken and broccoli from this amazing take-out place and pick out the chicken before i had ever heard of broccoli in garlic sauce. after that, it was history.
w: worst habit? not picking up after myself. i HATE cleaning up but i'm never proactive with just putting things where they need to be as soon as i'm done with them. *sigh* so sad.
x: x-ray or ultrasound? x-ray. skeletons are cool.
y: your favorite food? i really can't answer this. i love food! HOWEVER, the best thing i've ever eaten is gluten-free fried chicken at max's wine dive in austin. no, i did not say the best gluten-free thing i've ever eaten. THE best thing. ever. and their waiters wear this awesome shirt:

z: zodiac sign? aquarius! i'm a true aquarius: independent, clever, logical, rebellious, and sarcastic.



  1. I love this idea :)

  2. Samantha WetterholmAugust 3, 2013 at 12:57 PM

    What a fun post!

    <3 Samantha

  3. I want some of that cake :) Yummy

  4. The College GraduateAugust 6, 2013 at 5:13 PM

    1) I love learning more about you Britt
    2) Tried the Simply Orange with Mango at Whole Foods the other day....I'm addicted
    3) I'm stealing this for my blog (Moe version of course)
    4) I miss your face

    ♥ Moe

  5. Thanks, ladies!
    Imurface MOE!!!!


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