fitness friday #10: spring cleaning for your body!

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as i've mentioned before, i complete mini fasts every now and then and spring is not exception! in an effort to prepare my body for a new and lively season, i try to take some time to soak in the new change.

just as a heads-up: many people have debunked the idea of fasting and detoxing. i am in no way looking to change any minds, start fights, or convince you to do something you shouldn't. this is just how i've done it in accordance with my own beliefs and what works with my body.

how i detox (aka spring clean my body and mind)...
the first and most important thing i do is make sure i am adequately hydrated. even though i drink about a gallon of water on a daily basis, i still make sure to drink even more when i am beginning a detox.

a lot of people suggest to eat lightly in the days leading up to a detox, but i rarely remember to do this. i own that this isn't the best idea - planning ahead is always a better method to ensure an easier transition. i instead embark on my detoxes when i feel like my body really needs it instead of on a schedule, but i wouldn't suggest that if you're just starting out.

i began this year's spring clean vigorously, which can feel a little uncomfortable at first, so i went about it in a relaxing environment. this time, i started out with an apple cider vinegar tonic and spent about an hour in the steam room. i  then went to a hot yoga class the next day. i am a huge proponent of sweating as a method of ridding my body of impurities, which is why drinking a lot of water is really, really important for me. i threw in a little salt and lemon juice to my water to replace electrolytes after both sweat sessions.

after i sweat everything out, i immediately immersed myself in a spa treatment.

one of the ways that i reduce the discomfort of detoxing is by making my body as comfortable as possible. i'll take a cool shower to wash the sweat from my body and hair, wrap myself up in some coziness like this estela bath set i am currently lusting after, and just relax. there's nothing better than feeling engulfed in a fluffy cotton cloud while sipping tea, wearing a clay mask, and shaping my nails.

i am a firm believer of dry brushing during a detox, so i often will use a massage or shower brush to sweep over my skin. it feels really invigorating and leaves my body feeling really smooth. i do this twice a day during a detox, and my ultimate goal is to do it at least once a day indefinitely if i can build the habit.

after taking care of my body, i will follow its cues for the remainder of the detox. if i feel tired, i will lay down and/or take a nap. if my mind is scrambled, i will spend some time in meditation and exercise my breathing. i often take this time to pray and reflect as well in an effort to nourish my spiritual needs.

how did you welcome spring?


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